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After Tree Removal 

After Tree Removal

Tree Planting Guidelines

Once you have selected the right tree for your site, follow these general steps below to plant the and establish a healthy tree:

  • Call before you dig!
    Underground utilities can be on your site and you may never be aware of them. The previous tree that was removed, may have grown and rooted itself about the utility and you may not know that something exists within that area.
  • Decide how deep you need to plant your new tree. This is done by measuring the distance from the root collar to the bottom of the balled or burlap that holds the roots for transportation. (The root collar is the bulge or flare right above the root sytem.) Dig the hole 2/5 times larger then the root ball.
  • Place tree carefully in the center of the hole (after removing it from the container.)
  • Back fill the hole. After you have the tree in the hole and it is positioned straight, carefully back fill the hole taking care to use water once in a while to saturate the soil with moisture and also eliminate air pockets. (DO NOT PACK THE SOIL AFTER YOU WATER) Back fill to the height, just below the root collar.
  • Add mulch chips to a depth of 3 to 4 inches on top of the planting circle. Keep mulch 4 inches away from trunk to prevent fungus from growing on the trunk.
  • Water the tree with a slow root-saturating one hour trickle once a week. This provides the roots to become established without drowning them. Determine your watering schedule as to the amount of rain or drought you are experiencing that the time.

As your tree grows, it is important to maintain your tree and you can call on Matt’s tree service to help trim and maintain your trees to help them grow to healthy maturity for years of enjoyment.

  • Tree Trimming - Cabling
  • Tree Removal - Stump Grinding
  • Pruning
  • Trees Down - Fallen Limbs
  • Certified Arborist on Staff
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