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After Tree Removal 

After Tree Removal

Determine Replacement of Lost Tree

Things to consider when choosing the right tree replacement to add value and enjoyment of your property.

Growth rate:

There are a variety of trees that do very well in the Minneapolis area. Some take a very long time to reach their full beauty and potential as others grow fast compared to the hard woods. With the faster growing trees, their life span can be far less then the slower growing species, but can provide a temporary growth and coverage as slower growing trees become establish in the area that you are working with. Proper pruning can increase the life of the softer faster growing trees and when they need to be addresses, the site will have established growth to continue filling in and enhancing your property.

Hardiness of tree species:

Consideration into the hardiness of the tree, we have a lot to choose from in Minnesota. Each tree species can be impacted by soil, exposure and insect/diseases. Soil conditions effect the health of your trees. Clay or boggy soil conditions provide plenty of moisture for the root system, but can impact the health of the tree if highly compacted site or poor drainage. Exposure to cold winds should also be considered if the tree is set or isolated by itself and finding a good tree that resists the growing impact of insect invasions and natural tree diseases that have been on the increase should be considered when choosing the right tree to replace that that has been lost. Maples, some coniferous varieties may be a good fit as a replacement. A variety of flowering trees have also been good matches that resist, but do not grow as large as some of the native trees that are being impacted these days. Talk to your local nursery to help make best decision for the amount of shade and coverage that you wish to achieve.


As you determine the need of the area that you are working with. Be aware that flowering trees can add a splash of color during their blooming phases and can add provide good coverage through out the summer with the fall colors peaking to provide a variety of color throughout spring through late fall. Coniferous tree can provide coverage and color year round with some species growing quite tall giving blanketed shade. They also provide a great privacy/wind barrier while attracting and sheltering a variety of birds.

Area Limitations:

All trees grow and have special needs that you should be aware of when choosing a replacement. Keep in mind the area needing to have a healthy tree that will grow to it’s full potential - will need to have the room to accomplish this. Always consider how the tree will look when it is fully mature. The best advise we have is; always talk to your local nursery about the particular tree that you are considering to add to your property to determine the height potential, canopy size and whether the new growth will interfere with any other trees or power lines on your property.

Care and Maintenance

There are some very beautiful tree varieties that do very well in Minnesota. Some species need extra care to ensure that they continue to grow well and have a maximum life span. Some considerations should be whether they need to be trimmed or thinned on a regular basis or cableing to ensure limb strength.

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  • Tree Removal - Stump Grinding
  • Pruning
  • Trees Down - Fallen Limbs
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